Ayahuasca Travels, the company organizing the journeys to the jungle, was started two years ago as a result of the high demand for this type of travel, it is a subsidiary of AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL, the largest community of people affiliated with Ayahuasca. In reality, the activities now performed by this group began over 10 years ago when we started organizing journeys to bring people from Europe to meet shamans and Colombian Amazon in 2003.

Now we are a legally established entity created specifically to offer the assurance for this type of exotic travel in a secure way. We also now own a hostel with 2 hectares of land in the jungle, an ideal location to support the type of experience we truly wish to provide for this type of journey, which we are continuously remodeling and restructuring in order to make the stay increasingly more comfortable (Hostel Casa del Rio Mocoa).

It is important to be able to go to the place where Ayahuasca originates from, this is what draws people here, they feel so amazed by the wonderful results of their ayahuasca experiences, and therefore decide to see where this miraculous plant comes from, and to get to know more about it and experience it in its natural surroundings. And then whilst here, travelers also have the perfect opportunity to meet shamans and take Ayahuasca with them, to take walks in heavenly places in the jungle, and of course satisfy the deeper purpose, to go through their personal evolution and healing process.